mardi 31 mai 2011

She said .....

She said by ~ Electre Dallagio ~

For some time now, I wanted to show you the new skin of Gala Phoenix (Curio), called Chic; I particularly like the more mature look brought to this last realization. The nose is there finer, the less fleshy wings, quite as nostrils. Lips are more feminine too. Among the available make-ups, you will find make-ups very "couture", but also some softer. As usual, every skin arrives with two make-ups as well as a version with freckles. I particularly appreciate the possibility of colouring eyebrows thanks to a tintable tattoo layer (the basic skin arriving with blonde eyebrows) what gives us infinite possibilities.

Curio Chic all makeups

Curio Chic nude-freckles

Also shown :

Hair :  first picture : 69 Olivia 01 light
          others  :  [e] Leah  NEW
Shirt : The Sea Hole – Tuxedo Bib Blouse – Blush
Shorts : Mon Tissu – Minx – Khaki
Shoes : [PM] Baby T's Plain 2.0 : Snow – Subscriber group gift
Nails : TGIS Bridal nails
Eyes : first picture : Lelutka Ellis Wine
           others : Fashism Sunrise eyes Light warm silver (M)
Bag : [Tia] Totebag – Pink Aqua

lundi 30 mai 2011

Relaxing under the shade of the trees

Relaxing under the shade of the trees by ~ Electre Dallagio ~

First, I would like to thank a friend thanks to whom I can now propose you magnificent photos with the shadows of SecondLife. I am lucky to have changed recently computer with a very good configuration; I can evolve with no problem at all with the shadows activated constantly, but regrettably, as many, I could not take any snapshot with this settings. Thank you Tanaquil ( Beaumont) to have had the patience to accompany me in my settings, and to have advised to me so friendly. 

Here I am, wearing the skin of PXL (thank you mister Hart Larsson for providing us so beautiful skins), called Gaia whom I had already presented you in details in a previous post. I like her so much, I loke the shape of nostrils, so well drawn, the pulpy lips, as well as the so cute freckles.

The sandals are from Slink, called Cassia (shown in chocolate) and are just the perfect choice for this summer! Matched with the Tia Totebag, you can tidy up your swimsuit and beach towel there. This bag exists in 8 styles, the presented one being called  “Summer”.

 The top I'm wearing is also the latest realease from Leezu Baxter [LeeZu!], the Chloe top in beige. As always, perfect and so feminine.

Slink Cassia sandals ~ Tia Tote bag summer

Also shown:

Eyes : FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Clover Green (M)
Hair : !lamb. Lo-Fi - Butterfinger
Glasses : ::Mr.Poet::Half Rim Eyeglasses/Nose
Belt : *YS&YS* Belt BrownSnake Silv
Bracelet : miel - FRIENDO bracelet

vendredi 27 mai 2011

A piece of heaven

Hi all,
News, news, news! Tyr Rosenblum from Grixdale just realease two new skins : Tegan2 ad Ren. These skins will be available until the 1st for 75L per tone, available in 3 tones: Mint, Sugar and Honey. Each skin comes with 2 eyerbows (for brown or blonde brows), brow shaper and cleavage option. 

The flats I’m wearing are a new realease from Sunny1986 Ember, the creator of the store !AdmiralSpicy! These flats are available in black, white, redish, blue, lime, and I asked Sunny to add it, in beige also ^^These flats are serioulsy a must have! Beautiful, feminine, and casual, perfect for this summer with a little dress or leggins :)

Grixdale - Ren - Honey - Clover - BL
Grixdale Ren with Fashism Sunrise Eyes Clover green pale (m)
Grixdale Ren
Grixdale Ren
Grixdale Teagan 2
Grixdale Teagan 2
Admiral Spicy Flateh
!Admiral Spicy! Flatteh

Shopping list :

Hair : Kik Kaja and Olive.
Eyes : Fashism sunrise eyes clover green light & pale (m) & pale blue (m)
Top: {mon tissu} Patterns of Spring Top - Jungle
Skirt:  {mon tissu} Pretty Pleats Skirt ~ Black
Headband: Loulou&Co  Lotus headband
Necklace: Bellballs Mustache Locket silver

mercredi 25 mai 2011

Runaway Train

Runaway Train by ~ Electre Dallagio ~
Yesterday, I just could’nt help myself from TPing my pixels to Dutch Touch and try the demos of the latest skins made by Iki Ikarus. Fiep, Luus, Roos and Keet are their names. I finally bought Fiep; lovely nose, pouty lips, and cute beauty marks.

Shopping list:

Skin : ::DT:: ::FieP:: TaNNED - MakeUp Nr 3 CLA
Hair : ::Exile:: Caitrin:Roots-Sunset
Eyes :  FASHISM Sunrise Eyes Light warm silver (S)
Jacket : {SMS} Boyfriend's Blazer Beige
Shirt : DeeTaleZ Tops cute corsage transp. stripes grey
Jean : {montissu} Denim - Lou Lou ~ Used
Heels : Pixel Mode Fae Wedges in peach (Available at the Shoe Fair)
Jewelry : [bellballs] Disc Charm Necklace- Tangerine
               [bellballs] Dangling Disc Earring-Teal Tangerine

mardi 24 mai 2011


Gipsy by ~ Electre Dallagio ~

Shopping list :

Hair : booN UKA687 hair brown
Skin: League Sia Pale Champagne Frex
Eyes : FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Mint (S)
Dress : *Fishy Strawberry* Denim Dress - Wash C
Heels : N-core Soleil heels
Jewelry: [bellballs] Dangling Disc Earring-Salmon Seafoam (Right) & Disc Charm Necklace- Salmon (Chest) + Caged Ring Parakeet (right)
Bag by Tres blah

lundi 23 mai 2011

My heart belongs to Africa.

My heart belongs to Africa. by ~ Electre Dallagio ~

I regret I cannot write you so often that I would want to, but due to renovation at my home, and even if I only check on the work's progress, it takes me a lot of time. Nevertheless, here I am today with some news, as these items found in the Dressing room: [ glow ] studio - Sepia Flowers hairband and  *Fishy Strawberry* Lace Details Sweater - Grey .
Another news? Yes, N-core has just just launched its new pair of heels!!! It’s called Soleil and OMG, I love them! I’m a big fan of N-core heels as you may have noticed, I swear by heels, heels, always heels; as my granny told me one day: if you want to have the most beautiful croup from the region, wear heels every day when the sun caresses you of its beams! The N-core Soleil heels are perfect to illustrate her point. As always with N-core heels you can change the texture of each part : ring, metal, logo, heelcap, inner, sole , platform (wood or fabric, new cork sole option and a paper one too ^^), heel, strap, shoe. Wow ! All this by using only 3 scripts/pair of shoes and 3 scripts for the HUD! Low lag and no TP problems anymore!

HUD features:
- Compatible with all Viewers ( alpha layer included in the shoes folder and possibility to add or remove the alpha prims by the HUD )
- 12 Skin preset
- Color palette and RGB values for easy and perfect skin match
- Option to wear stockings on the sculpted feet ( color palette & RGB values to match your own stockings )
- Memory slots to save your skin & stocking tones
- 27 Nails ( french, color & fantasy )
- Different styles of platform: Wood in 6 colors, Fabric in 18 colors and cork option
- Color change for ankle straps ( 18 colors)
- Color change for heels ( 18 colors)
- Color change for metals, sole, inner...
- Heels sound on/off
- Resize
Available in 18 colors ! Unlimited combination! The denim fabric matches perfect with every outfit ; this is definitely the best choice for this summer!

N-core Soleil Heels Washed denim
N-core Soleil Hud

Also Shown : 
Hair : Truth Paula copper
Skin : The Body co Lavender (05 Sunkissed) worn with the tattoo layer the body co. Lavender (05 Sunkissed) - lips - glow
Jeans: DeeTaleZ Pants tasty Butt Jeans grey
Necklace : [Bellballs] Mustache Locket- Silver
Ring : [Bellballs] Caged Ring- Blue Jay

vendredi 20 mai 2011

Pixel Mode Fae Wedges

Pixel Mode Fae Wedges by ~ Electre Dallagio ~

Like you, I've heard the news concerning the temporary closing of the store Pixel Mode. Tya Fallingbridge will close temporarily her store after the Shoe Fair. Why will you ask me? As she explains it to us in the notecard that she sent to her customers, events in her personal life and  the pressure made her come to this decision. Let us leave a little bit aside our personal opinions, and let us look at what we are going to lose soon, temporarily, let us hope for it. Because Tya, for eight years now, always proposed us shoes of high quality. Concerning the HUD, the fitting took me only some minutes, without any trouble, the skin presets proposed in the hud helping largely.

Also shown :
Skin : The Body co Lavender (05 Sunkissed) worn with the tattoo layer the body co. Lavender (05 Sunkissed) - lips - glow
Eyes : Fashims eyes -'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Warm Silver (M)
Hair :  Lelutka-RENTA hair - Glucose
Dress :  *Fishy Strawberry*  Little Suede Dress Cream 
Nails : ::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection
Bracelet : *League* Zahavi Beaded Hand Bracelet

jeudi 19 mai 2011

The Nose Knows Challenge

 Yesterday, I went on my friend Tanaquil's blog and I learnt that a challenge was initiated by Jori Watler.
 As for me, most of the time, my avatar has a nose bigger than mine RL; indeed, my real nose is very fine, thin, what  sometimes hampers me to inhale (yes, yes I swear it, it is so).

Nevertheless, I dash into the challenge:

Shopping list:
Skin : The Body co Lavender sunkissed + lips glow tattoo layer (sold separatly)
Hair : Lelutka Inverted
Eyes : FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Warm Silver (S)
Jacket: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Off shoulder shirt Black_Jacket
Shirt : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Top :: JERRY LEE :: Coal
Piercings : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Piercing Lips :: LUCKY :: V.1 (C)
Necklace : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace :: ASAHI :: (C) (Help Japan item) 

I'm a looser baby, so why don't you kill me

I'm a looser baby, so why don't you kill me by ~ Electre Dallagio ~

Hey yes, I know also how to make in the somber, the dark side of the strength ^^

If you did not go to make a stroll at The Abyss since a moment, I deeply recommend you to go to see the novelties; I picked up these leather pants there which is of an absolute beauty! The matched boots are fantastic also with multiple possibilities of wearing. I needed piercings, for a very rock'n roll look which I did not have pain to find at Loulou&Co, a french store which I like particularly for its accessories. My top also comes from this store, is called Jerry Lee
and is vailable in 6 colors : Coal, Chocolate,Camo,Raspberry,Blueberry,Teal.

Shopping list:
Skin : The Body co Lavender sunkissed + lips glow tattoo layer (sold separatly)
Hair : Lelutka Inverted Almostgoth
Eyes : FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Warm Silver (S)
Jacket: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Off shoulder shirt Black_Jacket
Shirt : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Top :: JERRY LEE :: Coal
Pants : <TheAbyss> F_Distressed_Leather_Pants
Shoes : <TheAbyss> FM_Boots//SlowRider[Black_Leather]
Piercings : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Piercing Lips :: LUCKY :: V.1 (C)
Necklace : .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace :: ASAHI :: (C) (Help Japan item)

Comments on my blog

My friend Tanaquil Beaumont informed me yesterday that she could not post comments on my blog; rectified thing: by wanting too much to modify the style sheet of my blog, I had certainly erased a thing that I would not have of. I thus gave a good clean sweep to my presentation, and you can post again comments.

All my excuses for the caused embarrassment.

mardi 17 mai 2011

I hope you don't mind

Well, this morning when i saw the last post of Paris (I love her style so much ♥) I totally fall in love with the latest skin realease from the store The Body Co. ! This skin has the hotest lips I ever saw on the grid! I especially love the eyes part, the shadows are so realistic! Wow ! I'm wearing the the body co. Lavender (05 Sunkissed) and the the body co. Lavender (05 Sunkissed) - lips - glow tattoo layer.

The headband is from Loulou&Co and you have 3 versions in a pack: headband to wear on the head, another around the head & the flower quilting in the hair. The necklace from  Bellballs called Mustache locket (worn in gold version) perfectly comes to complete the set. 

The shoes I'm wearing are a gorgeous new release from the store Slink at the Shoe Fair 2011, called  Echo Heels. The receipts of Echo heels goes 100 % for charity. I love the padlock and the curved heel shape. As always, it's perfectly textured and the sculpts are just amazing.

 Also shown : 
Hair : Elikatira Theory brown 04
Eyes : Fashims eyes -'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Warm Silver (M)
Dress: The Secret Store - Pretty Poppy

A not ordinary school ♥ .... a post lost during the maintenance .....

Hi all... As you probably know, Blogger had a maintenance on May 12th, and during this maintenance, some blogs totally disappeared, the others were erased just partially. It was the case of mine, two articles of were lost, only one is restablished .... Today thus, I rewritte this article and re-upload my photos....While waiting for to get back the complete article, here is at least the photos which illustrated it... So here i go:

Snow Rabbit is taking part to the Skin & Shape Expo and is presenting us the new W005 skin that I'm wearing on this pitcure. This skin is so sweet, cute; I especially love the way lips are done, totally glossy ;) I like the powder and soft aspect of this skin which gives a definitive young and adorable sight.

The so adorable Caged Ring from Bellballs match perfectly with the outfit; I am totally a fan of the small dove (you can choose among 5 styles of birds) in cage.

The cute Girly Briefcase handbag is from The Secret Store; this new accessory  comes in 9 cute colors, each colour comes with a recolor script, allowing you to change ribbon/handle/sides color. Three arm poses and a no pose version are also included in the package !

Here a little close-up of the S@R w005 skin, and as always, I chose eyes from Fashism, because they are simply the best.

FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Blue (M)

The sandals I'm wearing are from Slink, and as always the style is perfect, so adorable with a capri, a summer dress or a little pair of short ♥ With each pair of these adorable Marie Roman Sandals, you'll get two styles : one with brown leather and another black leather.

Also shown:

Hair : Elikatira
Shirt : *Fishy Strawberry* Country Life Shirt - Earth
Skirt : *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Mini Skirt with belt

lundi 16 mai 2011

The snake Queen.

Back after this great weekend; I like spend good time with my family, when we meet all around a good meal, simply happy to be together.
Recently, I made the decision, as you were able to notice it to present you only elaborate photos, more pleasant to the eye than of simple photos on plain background. I prefer to stage the creations of the designers. I hope that you appreciate the realized work and that you will understand that I cannot, by working in this way to propose you quality articles several times a day. Furthermore, quite as a lot of you I suppose it, I have a family and for some time, I also decided not to connect me no more to  Second Life during the weekend, in order to share 100 % of my time with my loved ones. I hope that you will understand all this and that you will continue to support me and to appreciate my work. Comments are, naturally welcome, a blog is made for it, even if I have a lot of pleasure to read you and to answer you on my flickrstream.

Well, I have enough to yack. Let us pass to the stuff that I want to present you today. On the occasion of Shoe Fair, N-core proposes us shoes receipts of which will altogether be put back in Soles4Souls charity. The Shoe Fair is sponsoring a Charity, the same as last year which is the Soles4Souls charity which has a simple concept: “we procure shoes and get them to those in need.”  The receipts of the N-core Sense2 in the Reptile print are so 100% donated to charity!!!! So run, baby run to this event and do a good deed in buying these so gorgeous and feminine heels.
The top I'm wearing is from the Grixdale and is to die for! It is available in 9 colors! This top is just so gorgeous that i decided to wear it without any other layer :) No pasties needed also :D As always, Tyr killed me with this creation! So, you can wear it nude as I do, or with undies or top under it, since it's available in all clothing layers.

Also shown :
Hair : [LeLutka] Inverted NEW
Skin : League Sia Fair Apricot - Feckles
Eyes : Fashism - Sunrise Eyes - Pale Mint M
Skirt : *Fishy Strawberry* Peyote Mini + Belt - Wash C NEW (Culture Shock item)
Bracelet : ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Siren bracelet (green-terracotta, silver)

*And as guest star, Marcel the snake.

mercredi 11 mai 2011

Amacci Katie

Amacci is participating in the Skin and Shape Expo 2011 with a new skin line – Katie – plus shapes to go with it.
Katie is a young looking skin, with glossy lips. I love this fresh style so much. She is available in 16 different makeups, and  two skin colors ( fair and nutmeg ). In each package, you’ll get four skins per makeup : basic, with the hairbase, cleavage (with HB too). What about the futures? Six eyebrow colors (with hairbase option too) (for viewer 2.), small chest option, 4 eyebrow shapes and finally an alpha texture to remove system lashes! So many options!
The skin shown above is a special makeup – Neon – in pink colors, where 50% of the proceeds goes to Direct Relief International. You’ll get both fair and nutmeg skin color – two for the price of one! Available at the Skin&Shape Expo. Don’t forget to pick up the free Goodie Bag, packed with eye and lip tattos, a pair of real eyes and a pair of eyelashes. It’s the brown Amacci bag on the table.

Amacci Katie all makeups (fair tone)
Amacci Katie 6 eyebrows (shown with the nutmeg skin tone)
Amacci Katie all lips

Also shown:
Eyes : FASHISM 1rst pic  'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Warm Silver (S)
                       2nd pic  'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey (S)
Hair : Elikatira 1rst pic Hye 
                       2nd pic Theory
Necklace : League Raven necklace

mardi 10 mai 2011

Hello Gaia ♥

PXL creations has just launched the new Gaia skinline! 
And Hart Larsson made an incredible work with this skin! I love the nose, and the so pretty lips. Furthermore, so options are proposed that I lose my words: 3 skin base with embedded eyes makeup and nude lips ( Nude eyes, cat eyes and smoke eyes). Every skin base comes with three eyebrows color, a freckled face version, two hairbase styles on tattoo layers, one 1 full body freckles on tattoo layer and three breast sizes (small, medium and pushup). For those who use the 2. viewer, you call also chose from 11 extra lipsticks and 15 extra eyes makeups !!!!!!!!!
Here are the extra eyes makeups : just look at how beautiful they are.

And the extra lipsticks:

Also shown :
Hair : Elikatira Blind
Eyes :  Fashism NEW
Blouse : League Siara NEW
Jeans : Aoharu BowWide Denim Pants Dark NEW
Flats : League Flats Umber
Cap, Sunglasses & Backpack : Mr Poet (available only at the Culture Shock event)

vendredi 6 mai 2011

I made this dream...

 ... and I was an elf; my friends was the rabbits and the butterflies. The peace was everywhere and the sun played in my hair.

I wear jewels (headbang, necklace and arm-bracelet) from the store Loulou&Co and it is an immense pleasure to wear creations of Lolly Carlberg because she is French but especially because her creations are quite magnificent, extremely detailed and perfectly textured.
The Arihanna dress is a beautiful full length dress put for sale at the Culture Shock event by e! (Eclectic Apparel and Accessories) and is perfect for this summer; it's so adorable and fresh.

Shopping list 

Skin: Pink Fuel Pia - unrealeased yet 

Hair : Truth Annette 

Jewels : Loulou&Co  - Headband - Lumat                                                                       

                               - Bracelet - Baikal

                               - Necklace - Hesperide 

Ears :  ( R E D ) M I N T

Eyes :  FASHISM - Egyptian blue (s)

Clubin' with Nuria

This is my latest commission work for N-Core and this time I'm not alone ! Nuria joined me and then, we went out to dance to the N-core Club. I'm so proud Nuri asked me to do another picture!
All the clothes, belts, and heels are from N-Core. The jeans comes with two different cuff styles, as you can see on the picture - flared cuffs and skinny cuffs , both perfectly textured, as always with N-Core- , three belt tones (from white to black) and each belt comes with a silver and a gold version! These ejans are available in a plain version or a ripped one. What else can I say?  Oh, yes, I almost forgot to speak to you about the small top worn by Nuria! As for the belts, this top is a single piece sculpt, so you can stretch it in all direction, as a single prim! In my opinion, it's the best fully sculpted top I ever saw so far! 

It's time for the shopping list:
*On Nuri :
Skin : Bellezza - Elle - tan
Hair : 69 - Smina - Chesnut
Top : N-core "Y" Top *Dark Gray*
Jeans :N-core Jeans & sculpted belts- Dark Blue with the black belt (silver buckle)
Heels : N-core Caprice Heels Black
Bracelets : Mandala

*On Me :
Skin : Pink Fuel Ember - Honey
Hair : Truth Mariska
Top : N-core Floral Blouse - silver
Jeans : N-core Jeans & sculpted belts- White with the white belt (silver buckle)
Heels : N-core Chic Heels white 

lundi 2 mai 2011

Angel of Hope

Well, as you may have noticed, my style could be described according to these words: simple, casual but little bit sexy too. I'm not used to wear gowns, except for my wedding, but when I discovered the creations of Agnes Finney, I literally fell under the spell of her magnificent dresses. If I want to feel like a princess, or be the most beautiful in a gorgeous dress for a special occasion, for a cocktail, an event, what else, well, from this point, I know I will trust in Agnes Finney's creation. Be precious is My Precious. Support the COUTURE OF HOPE, Relay For Life 2011 organized by AVENUE of Life. Angel of Hope gown will be sold at AVENUE at GOL from 1-31 May.

I was searching for a great hairstyle to match with this dress.... I needed something that would do justice to this gorgeous dress. I needed a creation, not just a haircut... something different, something stylish. Then I thought about Fauve Beaumont and Lulu Jameson 's creations; their store called Plume is specialized in that kind of hair you can't forget. 

On this picture, I'm wearing *Plume* - Hibiscus/Soil , Pink Fuel Ember <Honey> - New Blood (dkbrow/freck) and FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Warm Silver (S) :

dimanche 1 mai 2011

I'm ready for some shopping!

Back from vacation, I'm showing you some awsome stuff, such as the wonderful and so detailed  Eglantine ( Tiny Roses ) jacket from The Secret Store, wich is one of Maylee Oh's realease for the Culture Shock event. This jacket is so fresh and stylish with the flower that decorate the chest! As always, it's a perfect job. 
Again, I'm wearing a Pink Fuel skin, called Pia (wich will certainly be realeased in July), that I showed you in the last post; I'm also wearing Fashism 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Steel Blue (M size) wich is my favorite eyes store! You should try them because you'll never remove them!

Now, what about my new nails? Yes, I have new nails, you know how much I love nails ^^ Especially when it's the best nails, TGIS nails, of course. I needed a change and this time I choosed a french nail art. Thanks to the HUD, you can have one pattern on two fingers and another on the other three digits.

Also shown:
Hair : Elikatira Paper - Blonde
Shirt : [SC] Surf Couture - Sundance Halter Tank
Skirt : [SC] Surf Couture - Walkabout Denim Skirt
Heels : N-core CHIC
Bag : ::: B@R ::: Crescent Pink