vendredi 29 avril 2011

Such a beautiful day!

I really love the items realeased by Maylee Oh from The Secret Store for the Culture Shock Event wich will start May1st. I'm showing you the Eglantine jacket and the Popsicle Dress in floral style, but these items will also be available in 2 other colors from the jacket and 4 others for the dress (I'll show you the others in next posts). 

 The eyes are from Fashism, that is a rather recent store of eyes, but which - given the quality of the sold eyes - is going certainly, in my opinion, to become one of the most famous. Eyes are not an element to be neglected, because it is them who are going to give a spark of life to the avatar. If your texture is wrongly oriented the eye’s highlights are out of place and the avatar wearing the eyes will squint beyond attractiveness. I am very hard to please with the quality of my eyes, exactly because it is what what gives life to my avatar; there, I indeed have to admit it, Fashism realizes all my wishes! Plus, or each eye color, you have many variations such as black, deep, light and pale; each one in 5 sizes, so depending on an individual's eye shape and size, any of these iris sizes may be appropriate and help achieve different kinds of looks.  So many options!

FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Grey (M):

Also Shown:
Hair : Maitreya Lara II - Almond
Skin :  Pink Fuel - Pia - Chai - Unrealeased yet
Shoes :N-Core Caresse (socks are included)
Bag :  Bare Rose Daisuki Brown
Pose : [croire] crazy bag lady

My refuge

 Two events, the first one wich is on, the other one wich begins  May 1st, are on all the lips at the moment: the first one is the Albero Gatcha Festival whic makes enjoyment of shopping addict as I am: I brought back these cute Nina flats from the store Ingenue and this delicious pair of shorts called Chatty Kathy Shorts (Kaki) from Cool Beans.

  The second event, Culture Shock event begins May 1st and will run until May 22nd. Culture Shock is a charity based event, so designers will be offering at least 3 new and exclusive items for the event---50% to 100% will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (commonly referred to as ” Doctors Without Borders ” an independent humanitarian medical aid organization).  It is brought to you by CHIC Management ( and sponsored by Modavia Productions Pink Fuel as 173 other stores a realeased these 3 cute skins, previews of a skin which will soon be for sale and which is called Elly. Elly is a young and fresh skin - as all Mochi Milena's creation- and I am sure that, quite as me, you will succumb to her sweetness and details. Each skin comes with 3 breats tattoo layers : dehancer, small chest and ehancer for femboy to glamourous look and in 4 versions : light brows/dark brows and nude/freckles.

Also shown :
Hair : Maitreya Jordyn 
Cardi : N-Core *Wool Short Jacket*- Brown
Shirt :  League Spring Camisole -Cream 

mercredi 27 avril 2011

The secrets of unicorns.

The lastest skin from Unique Megastore, called Artemis widely inspired me in the choice and the creation of this photographic assembly. Indeed, Artemis is the goddess of the hunting, and one of the goddesses associated with the Moon . She is likened in the Roman mythology to the goddess Diane. Her attributes are the hind (to whom I preferred the unicorn, the mythical animal which I like particularly), the bow, the quiver and the arrows. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollon.
This skin is extremly feminine, with a greek nose and dense eyebrows. I specially love the strong and mature look  which it gives to me, what contrasts strongly with the skins which I am used to wear. It comes in three skin tones, Pale, Bronze and Dark.  
You can choose among 12 make-ups. Each make-up option has 4 different skins (base skin, skin with cleavage/sexy breast, skin with hairbase, and skin with hairbase and cleavage/sexy breast).

The heels I'm wearing are the latest creation from  N-Core and are called Caprice.
HUD features:
- Compatible with all Viewers ( alpha layer included in the shoes folder and possibility to add or remove the alpha prims by the HUD )
- 12 Skin preset
- Color palette and RGB values for easy and perfect skin match
- Option to wear stockings & socks on the sculpted feet ( color palette & RGB values to match your own stockings )
- Memory slots to save your skin & stocking tones
- 27 Nails ( french, color & fantasy )
- Color change for : Metals, wood sole, ring,heels, interior...
- Ankle straps removable ( 4 styles of shoe )
- Gloss on/off
- Heels sound on/off
- Resize
- Available in 14 colors and fatpack.

N-Core Caprice Heels

N-Core Caprice Heels mix&match examples.

N-Core Caprice HUD

Also shown:
Hair : Truth Bonnie
Outfit : Bare Rose Artemis

The strange sensation to be at home

You know certainly what I want to say there: you go for the first time to a place, and you are invaded by a strange plenitude, a sensation of well-being, as if had always known this place, as if this place has always been your home.
That is what I feel with this photo. This one is the second poster that the N-Core store - through the delicious persons that are Nuria Augapfel and Claire Messenger - commanded me. More than a commission work, it is a real meeting and the immense pride and the honor to have been contacted to realize these two posters. N-Core is the store where I bought my first pair of heels with prim-feet and stay over the years my preferred, because their shoes are always ultra-feminine, but also because I can bought the same in the real stores. The proportions are always perfect such as textures, sculpts are always impeccable.
You know certainly that N-Core, it is as well a clothing line, so feminine and glamours as their shoes. The blouse which I wear is a perfect example; see the details of the knot and the bottom!Look at these adorable braces, which fall nonchalantly on shoulders: so cute and pretty.

Well, I think it's now time for the credits, isn't it ? 

Hair :  Maitreya Jordyn
Skin : Tuli Sara Petal + Freckles
Feathers : Pididdle - FeatherExtensions
Blouse : N-Core Floral Blouse - Brown
Shorts :  League  Frayed Denim Shorts - Umber

mardi 26 avril 2011

Ciò, è la vita, la vera.

Today is a big day; as you were able to notice it, I was not any more really there these last days. There is two reasons in it: the first one is whom I am in vacation, the second is that I was contacted by Nuria Augapfel, designer of the brand of clothes and  heels N-Core, to realize posters for their store. You cannot imagine in what an extreme excitement this piece of news put me! It was so much unexpected as fabulous that a store as N-Core chooses me as their new posters. 

This is the first one, and here i go with credits:
Hair : Lamb! Honey
Skin : Tuli Sara Petal
Outfit : N-Core Bombacho Jumpsuit in Turquoise
Heels : N-Core Caresse in white
Necklace : [MANDALA]KAGETORA necklace in gold
Sunglasses : Miel Pilot

jeudi 21 avril 2011

Welcome home

I love this outfit from Grixdale - that is also the April VIP Gift -  and the new haircut from Milana, and I'm mad about its roots! So natural! You really should go to the shop and try the hair! 

Shopping list :
Skin : Tuli Sara
Hair : Milana Dunne [roots]
Outfit : Grixdale - April VIP Gift - Simply Vintage top & Worn but loved jeans
Shoes : League Flats 
Jewelry set : Sigma Siren (gold)
Nails : TGIS Safari collection

mercredi 20 avril 2011

Easter gift from !Admiral Spicy!

Sunny1986 Ember from !Admiral Spicy! offers us on the occasion of Easter this adorable pink dress decorated with butterflies called Yummeh Butterflies Dress Skirt; and yes, it's true, this dress is so yummy. 
What's more adorable to complete this outfit, than the last hairstyle from 69 and those sublime flip-flops from ADDiCTIA? I am ready to face this delicious Easter sun that dazzles already!

Styling card :
Hair : [ 69 ] OLIVIA 04
Skin : Tuli  Sara / fair 
Tattoo layer for eyebrows : Tuli Sara / fair / brows :: Medium Brown
Dress :!Admiral Spicy! Yummeh Butterflies Dress
Shoes : ADDiCTIA Flip Flops - Pink Stripes
Nails : ::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Safari Collection
Jewelry set : [MAGIC NOOK] Moon River set

mardi 19 avril 2011

My african dream

I'm still wearing the latest realeases from  League, but this time the legwarmers are special edition for the Project Themeory, called Boho; it comes in 2 designs of legwarmers including 2 versions: slouchy and narrow ankle. 
The hairstyle I'm wearing is also a new realease from Milana , called Nakita wich is so adorable.
The jewelry set is from  SIGMA Jewels - Siren and i adore the bohemian style.

Also shown:
Hair :  Truth Pia
Skin :  Tuli Sara
Outfit : League Frayed Denim Shorts -Umber
            League Ribbon Tied Tanktop -Umber
            League Merino Leggings & Flats
            League Boho Legwarmers
Nails :  TGIS Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection

lundi 18 avril 2011

What a feeling !

Wooott!!!! I love you Nena Janus for having realeased this so nice outfit! I love the fashdance spirit! The top exists in not less than 11 colors, a perfect assortment of soft and sweet tints there, like this old rose that I chose to show you. I chose to match it with leggins, short jeans, legwarmers and the ballerinas of the same collection. It suddenly makes me want to dance. Si if you want to feel the rhythm in you, go to League !
The skin I'm wearing is the very latest realease from Tuli and Sara is a full success: I love the skin texture, the shadings, the subtle highlights.... everything!And as always, there are u bunch of options to choose from! But, the biggest piece of news is the presence of 4 new tones, wich have a more pink hue, and these tones are lovely. Here are 6 skins that you receive for a bought skin, with a comparison between the classic Fair tone and new the new Petal one (to show you the difference):

The 12 lipstick tattoos : 

And the eyebrow tattoo layers : light blond, medium and dark brown, besides the normal brown eyebrow provided on the skin.

Shopping list : 
Hair : Truth Pia
Top : League Ribbon Tied Tanktop -Wisteria
Shorts : League Frayed Denim Shorts -Warm Blue
Leggins and flats set : League Merino Leggings -MidCalf -Umber +  Flats -Dark Taupe
Legwarmers :  League Merino Legwarmer -Narrow Ankle -Taupe

vendredi 15 avril 2011

I need a mechanic, is there anybody to help me?

Today, I would like to show you a lot of new creations of !Admiral Spicy! wich is the store of the delicious and talented Sunny1986 Ember. I wear the Skulleh Necklace and Belt, fully scuplted and stunningly beautiful ,ideal for a rock and cute look!

The jeans I wear are from Deetalez and i love this skinny style! It's so glamourous and sexy! It also comes in 2 other versions so you'll get 3 ways to wear it at a normal price!!

Here is a close up of the Open Top, the Skulleh Necklace and Belt from  !Admiral Spicy! : the belt is also available in a whhite version and you can purchase the open top in white (normal or sheer, wich one I wear on the picture ), black,  dark green, dark blue.

The heels are from N-Core and are called Chic, and I personally think this name is perfect! These heels are, as all N-Core heels, an expression of the femininity, they are subtly perfect! There is no strap, for a summer look. Just look all the colors available :

N-Core Chic Hud
Poses are from :
[SoO] - Hipster (first picture) ; it's a pose from a new set of 6 poses, really adorable :) !NEW!
Amacci ~ 12 Pack Model Poses - Set 1 - pose Amacci_Model2b !NEW!

Also Shown : 
Skin : :GP: Acorn Frex [Light] Pout
Hair : [e] Paper !NEW!
Watch : Miel Troupe
Nails :  TGIS Safari nails !NEW!

jeudi 14 avril 2011

The house where I lived as a child...

Action is participate in TGI.50Levent and this week, Breezy Tank in Birdie & Bandeau Top in Meadow... both are sold seperatly and priced at 50L$! These items will be available from 12:00am Wed - 11:59pm. I decided to match it with these EXTREME lowrise jeans from DeeTaleZ the pant comes 4 different styles:  flared, bootcut and slimfit, and there are specific cuffs for each style, so you'll get 4 jeans in a sigle package! Great deal for these wonderful jeans, highly textured and so girly!
Milana just realeased this gorgeous hairtyle called Aimee wich is a pure marvel. I pretty enjoy the bucles and the so realistic roots. 

Now, let's have a look at my nails : It's another realease from TGIS (I showed you the Glitter version yesterday) and this time I'm showing you the Safari version.

Thanks to the HUD, you'll get 50 different styles; as you can see, you can also modify the shine from the lowest to the highest.

Also shown:
Skin : :GP: Sundust Frex [Dark] Pout-PFJ Exclusive 1
Heels : N-core CARESSE

mardi 12 avril 2011

Piña colada

With new realeases comes a new post and a new picture too; i must say that lately, I take an immense pleasure to create these new photos; I hope that you appreciate them as much as the pleasure that I have to create them. Today I wanted to show you some news and very favorites: as you noticed it through my articles, I am one fan ardent supporter of Deetalez, whose originality I enjoy, this small touch of madness which makes of Steffi Villota a big designer; the "tasty Butt Jeans" which I wear are on of my preferred, because extremely detailed.

The shirt is also a new realease from Action and is called Vintage Scoop (shown in A'hoy); this shirt is available in 10 designs and comes with bottom and sleeves sculpts but if you don't attach the belly/bottom sculpt you can wear this tee as a half shirt!

I would also like to draw your attention on the Tami hair (with one of the most beautiful and realistic roots in SL) which I wear, last creations of Milana; this new brand that is in line with Dernier Cri and about which I had already spoken to you in this article, at the time of the opening of the shop.
As many damsels, I always pay a particular attention on my manicure; do not we say that a real woman is a woman who is feminine to her fingertips? The latest nails from TGIS (Trahsy Girls In Style) are just stunning, hand-painted, with original nail textures. In my opinion, TGIS nails are certainly the best in all SL; i already got other nails from this store, and this Glitter version is so adorable that i needed to show you these pretty nails; on the picture bellow, I'm showing you my favs, but the HUD's picture shows you all what you can choose from 50 styles!

Also worn:
Skin : :GP:  Pout Pure
Chuckers from Maschienenwerk
Bracelet from Loulou&Co
Pose used is from Grixdale - The Atom set

lundi 11 avril 2011

In the morning glory

Amacci has realeased two new kill-me-with-your-cuteness hairstyle that i wanted to share them with you. The first one is called Nadine, and is a cute pigtail hairstyle and the second one is a Farrah-Fawcett hairstyle, so fluffy !

And the good bargain of the week, *Coco* Leather and canvas flat boots in cream available at the Dressing Room :

Also shown:
Skin : *YS & YS* Giorgia - 07 Rhum
Shape :  *YS & YS* Alice Shape M
Shirt : (Milk Motion) My flounced shirt
Skirt : The Secret Store - Froufrou - Toffee (from the Euphoria hunt)
Necklace : SIGMA Jewels/ Anya
Other jewels : [MANDALA]

Pose used for the main photography : Amacci_Model89 from Amacci Female Model Poses –  Set 8, the poses can be bought in a packet or individually. (75L$ each / 450L$  for 12) available at the Pose Fair.

dimanche 10 avril 2011

La Dolce Vita a Roma

The weather was so nice this weekend that my latin origins woke up. I thus decided to pay a short visit to my family, I bring back to you a photography.
The necklace which I wear is the last realization of the shop Sigma jewels and it is an adorable necklace.
Anya -it's its name- is a lond bead necklace, available in 3 bead-metal options: ocean, silver, copper. Two more color shades, rose and gold, are created exclusively for GLANCE|Front Row/RFL and are available at the Mainstore.

The shoes I'm wearing on the picture are the N-Core Caresse and, even if I have already spoken to you about these shoes, I wanted to show you this time all the available colors as well as the HUd which I find absolutely perfect.

N-Core Caresse ~ You can choose from 4 different styles !

Also shown:
Skin : *YS & YS* Giorgia - 01 Nude NEW!
Shape : *YS & YS* Alice Shape M (I moded a bit the torso) NEW!
Hair : >TRUTH< Alison NEW!
Shirt : Zaara : Zayba cross top *espresso*
Poses I used for this paper are from the Amacci ~ 12 Pack Model Poses - Set 1(half price during the fair) and the Set 8 (available at the Pose fair)

vendredi 8 avril 2011

An evening in Sparta

Well, well, well; today, the sun shines, and we need this saving sun. Let us wear our small dresses, our low-fronted shoes and let us let our skins get sunkissed again.
 I present you a very sexy and summer dress today: the latest dress from Plastik is a pure marvel, that I decided to match with these magnificent  heels from N-Core, called Caresse; wearing an Aoharu TrenchCoat_LightDenim  - for cool evenings -, and we are ready for crazy night.

With the N-Core Caresse heels, in a single pack of one shoe colour, you'll get all this features :
- Compatible with all Viewers ( alpha layer included in the shoes folder and possibility to add or remove the alpha prims by the HUD )
- 12 skins preset
- Color palette and input RGB values (new feature)for easy and perfect skin match
- 12 socks and you have the Option to wear stockings & socks on the sculpted feet ( color palette & RGB values to match your own stockings )
- Memory slots to save your skin & stocking tones
- 27 nails ( french, color & fantasy )
- Color change for each single part
- Ankle straps removable (4 different styles)
- Gloss on/off
- Heels sound on/off
- Resize.

Pose from Amacci ~ 12 Pack Model Poses - Set 8 available at the Pose Fair, the poses can be bought in a packet or individually. (75L$ each / 450L$  for 12).

Also shown:
Skin : *YS & YS* Giorgia - 05 Eyecat
Hair : Amacci Hair Emilia 
Necklace : .:A&M:. Caged Pearls Necklace

jeudi 7 avril 2011

Stopover to Trinidad

The lastest creations of Steffi Villota (who is the so adorable and brilliant creator of Deetalez) has still worked wonders: I'm wearing the Mell skin , the latest skin of Deetalez; we find there what makes the reputation of this brand: an original style, ultra feminine with multiple details: beauty spots, cheeks round and pinked etc. etc....  My top - called DeeTaleZ summer lace top - is also from Deetalez, a new realease too, and honestly, it is adorable: lace on the edge, the small knot; everything to be at the top this summer <3
And finally, it was necessary to me to find a haircut as high as the glamour of the outfit; it's done, thanks to this magnificent haircut from Amacci called Electra (Aw, I love this name :p).
The pose used is one of the sets from a Grixdale that you can find at the Pose Fair; the set is called Sinatra.
Now, let us look a little closer at this haughtiness and ultra-sexy pumps; Steffi, you really did a stunning job!

mercredi 6 avril 2011

Grixdale big sale!

What a big news! Yes, you're not dreaming! April 17 - 14 All Grixdale inventory will be on sale in the shop 50% off ! What a nice bargain :) So rush your pixels and grab everything you like because it will end on 14th April. The store has moved, just a little, so here is the new LM (for this month only, because Atomic sims is going to be re-arranged, because new stores are coming on this sim, Riddle, Funky Junk, Love (hair), Pink Fuel, Glitterati are just a few names <3333 But for now, you'll find all stores in the sky, during the rebuild.
So here is the temproary landmark for Grixdale : Grixdale in the sky during the rebuild of Atomic sim :)
Another BIG news is that Exhibitionista Nirvana - you probably know her with the store she used to own called O!Bleak - is joining the Grixdale team, so he's going to be stepping in with Tyr to bring some hot new accessories to grixdale  for both Grixdale (Family) and Grixdale. Stay tunned !

Don't forget that Grixdale is also taking part to the Pose Fair with great poses; I'll talk about them is a dedicated article.

mardi 5 avril 2011

Take everything

I have so many things to say to you today that I do not know by what to begin ..... so totally exciting novelties!
First !!! The most exciting for my pixels !!! Monicuzza Babencco put on sale yesterday evening her last series of skins and I hope that your purse is filled well, because they are every three fabulous: Alice, Giorgia and Penelope are three sisters who will delight you! Today I decided to wear Alice, the most pale among the three. Details are simply fabulous and, what I like in the skins of Your Skin and Your Shape, it is that we would wear all make-ups in the real life! 

Another great newness is the realease of a two new hairstyle at Amacci; i'm wearing on of them, called Emilia; it comes with extra hair extension what gives a very natural effect which I like particularly.
Don't forget that Amacci is also at the Pose fair and are selling  one new Pose Model set. [Amacci Female Model Poses –  Set 8, the poses can be bought in a packet or individually. (75L$ each / 450L$  for 12)]. The pose that I used for the photo is one of them.  Looking for good bargain? Amacci have set two of the Model sets to half price during the fair, that is 225L$ for each of the 12-pack poses below. Amacci Model Poses, set 1 (updated) and Amacci Male Model Poses, set 1.

The blouse I'm wearing is one of the faboulus Romance shirt (you've discovered it in Lime and Wine at the latest Lazy Sunday) from The Secret Store and is now available in 6 new colours !

 Now and finally, shoes !!!! Yes, because as all girls, I like shoes and more particularly pumps, because, I must say, they turn our feet in objects of seduction and desire <3 So, Deetalez  just realeased, for our greatest pleasure, a Pumps line, wich are totally gorgeous.

DeeTaleZ Pumps black rose lace

YS&YS Alice all makeups.

YS&YS Lipsticks addon for Alice Giorgia and Penelope - worn on Alice nude-

YS&YS Alice eyebrows and freckles - tattoo layers -

Also shown:
H.E.D Rolled Up Capris Black Pants

lundi 4 avril 2011


I could not resist to take a photography of me, wearing the new hair from Exile, the Tempest hairstyle; this new haircut is just AWSOME, so sexy, so so so ; i just love them! 

It just was perfect with this dress and armcuff from TGIS, called Rudo; the upper part is fully sculpted and really easy to fit on all shapes; it also comes with an AO with the skirt, which locks your spine and makes the skirt look more natural! Without prims popping out of all sides, which can be frustrating to look at. Especially with some of the very movable ao stands. The spine locker slightly alters the stands as spinal movement is blocked, but at a great effect, your prim clothing staying in place!  In fact, you can also wear this dress as a short dress, since it comes with so many options that you can change at will :)

Also shown :
Skin : *League* Sia Deeptan Ruby
Bracelets : *League* Wanderer Jewellery Set

The flight

Well.... I'm finally back after this wonderful week-end with my family! It is so good to spend time with our loved ones; time goes by so fast; years have already passed at full speed ..... Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.
This gorgeous summer outfit is from Acid&Mala (I had shown you the white version in a previous article) and is available for the Mix and Match Hunt, wich is till April 23th.
The hair show are also a new hairstyle from one of my favorite store, Action , and is called Emma; this hairstyle is a long one, with orchid :) I love this little detail and you can change the orchid color via the script.
The skin I'm wearing is totally new and is the latest creation from ! Admiral Spicy !.This skin, called - Emma too- is available in four different skintones from pale to dark tan; when you buy a skin, you don't get just one makeup, but five !!! 

!Admiral Spicy! Emma Tan all makeups
!Admiral Spicy! Emma all tones

Also shown :
Butterflies from [Lauria]