Review policies

Hi everyone! This blog was created to share with you my favorites for fashion in Second Life, in fact, I love to shop, "playing with my doll. " I am also the co-creator of the shop Stratus.

But, because there is always a "but".
If you are a designer and if you wish me to blog your products, you must however know certain things:

* All my photos are postprocessed because it is I love : creating an ambiance, an environment because I envisage every dress in this way; I am not able to do something using a white background. If it is not for what you expect from me, then I can't  help you.

* Such as you I have a family which I love and to whom I reserve my time, their time, our time. Which means that I rarely post no more than a post a day, what is already a lot given the time I spend to make my editings. Furthermore, I rarely connect during the holidays. If you expect from me that I blog your articles very fast, I am not maybe the good person.

* I don't blog  what does not correspond to my style or what I would not wear for my personal usage; be not offended if I decline a proposition, it is just that it is not my taste.

If having read all this, you think that I am the good person, I thank you before for the help.

You can contact me via this blog by sending me a message, via
my flickr, inworld via IM if I am online or notecard if I am offline (as well if I'm online). I will blog with pleasure your creations, in the following days, also as best as I can.

Thank you.

Best regards, 

Electre Dallagio.