vendredi 3 juin 2011

League Vintage Chiffon dress

League Vintage Chiffon dress.

The dress I'm showcasing today is a new realease of Nena Janus (League) and is absolutely gorgeous! I'm showing you the Aqua color, with the Desert belt and bow. This dress exists in 8 colors, from old rose, to black and so sublte blues and will be available for the CHIC Ltd's 1st birthday event wich opens this weekend.

League Vintage Chiffon dress close.

I'm also wearing one of my favorite skins, the Sia skin, from League also, shown in Pale Bloom-Frex. The hair are a gift from Vive9 available at the store counter. I had to find a perfectly vintage necklace to mathc and i found this Sheperd's Glen necklace (shoown in Jasperish, silver metal) at Kosh. Still in love with my Fashism Sunrise eyes (Light steel blue (S) ) and the Echo heels from Slink, shown in tan.

A vintage dress needs a powdery and sweet song :